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Everyday people

July 25, 2009








Collage photos.

They’re some of my co-workers, people I meet (almost) everyday. Taken during our spare time after the deadline in our old office in Mega Kuningan. Good time, good laugh.




I also use the images as part of my visual-motion set in “Reboot” party  at Willow (Dec 31, ’08). Mmmm…Yeah, it looks okay.


Jakarta: 1 Kata

July 24, 2009

Jakarta: 1 Kata

jakarta: 1 kata screenshot

jakarta: 1 kata screenshot

All the pictures above are screenshots from my short documentary film called Jakarta: 1 Kata. Made in 2004.

A very simple film. It’s all about me walking around Jakarta and asked random people I met to describe the city, but only in one word. Sounds lame? Maybe it is.

Oh yes, it’s on DVD. Released by good people from The Marshall Plan as a part of Kompilasi Konfest 2006 (it contains 5 worth watching Indonesian short films from Konfiden Film Festival 2006).

Click here for more info, and here to order the DVD. Please buy!  🙂

Young and dangerous

July 24, 2009
photo editing

found photo + text editing

One of my work for C.C.C.P. Unity exhibition at Ruangrupa in 2004.

the first post

July 22, 2009

The plan is to fill this blog with my (mostly visual) works.

The aim is to organize and documenting my works that scaterred all over places.

But maybe I’ll be too lazy to do those things in the future.

We’ll see.