Young and dangerous

photo editing

found photo + text editing

One of my work for C.C.C.P. Unity exhibition at Ruangrupa in 2004.


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3 Responses to “Young and dangerous”

  1. paramountplaces Says:

    nice photo ,

    • tasyapmaulana Says:

      Well, thank you. But I can’t take the credit for the photography because it wasn’t me who took the photo.
      I found this old picture in my house. It was a class photo from my kindergarten years.
      I used the pic for an art exhibition just by changed the texts below the photo. 😀
      I don’t know if you speak Indonesian or not, so I’ll translate it. The text supposed to says “Aissiyah Kindergarten, class of 1990-91”, I changed it to “Military Academy, Special Guerilla Force, Class of 1990-91”.
      Thanks for viewing by the way. 🙂

  2. apuriru Says:

    hahahah.. kocak..

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