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Surface Asia 09 cover

July 18, 2012

Issue 09 is about art & fashion and we decided to start changing direction for our cover, we want it to be more fresh & dynamic than our previous covers. After research,we decided to feature Singaporean artist, Zhao Renhui’s (left) and clothes from Sunny Lim & Koon Hor (right) on the cover.

Sketches I made for the photo guide & layout (left). We got an art gallery for the photo shoot location, and after that Brendan Zhang (the photographer) gave me style references based on the sketches & location (right).

Then shit happened. All flights to Singapore are fully booked, so I couldn’t attend the photo shoot. Luckily, Brendan and his team did a great job. The drafts looks good and we only requested him to adjust the colour a bit. I introduced new fonts for the cover.

…the final cover.